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Men Hair Transplantation

Doing a hair transplant is the big decision and you are pretty sure by putting a lot of thought to get one. Before you continue your process or booking for hair transplant consultation, then there are several things that you have to know first. You should know basic information first before decide to get Hair transplant in Turkey for men.

Like a good health and make you look younger, most of us prefer to take our locks for granted – of course until they are completely gone.

There are many people prefers to get hair transplant that helps them to bring back what it looks like a full – at least help them to get fuller hair.

We all know that the thinning up in your top or being bald is really makes you very inconvenience. This procedure is one of many ways to make you feel more confident with your overall look.

First, you have to consult with your doctor related to what you are able to expect during and after the surgical procedure.

So, what is hair transplant?

This is the type of the operation which moves your existing hair in order to fill the thin area or even no hair area as well. Actually, the doctor has been doing this type of the transplant in the United State since the 1950s, however, the techniques were changing a lot during recent years.

Generally, you will have the specific procedure with your doctor. Your surgeons will clean your scalp and start to inject medicine to make your back of a head feels numb. Your doctor will choose one of two methods for transplant, they are FUSS (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).

  • If your doctor chooses FUSS, then your surgeon will lift up the 6 to a 10-inch strip of your skin from behind your head. He will set it aside then start to sew your scalp to make it closed. This area will be hidden by your hair around immediately.
  • If you choose with FUE procedure, then your surgeon team will shave in the back of your scalp, then he will remove the hair follicles in one by one process. This area will heal with the tiny dots that covered your existing hair.

This is also depending on the size of transplant that you choose, the process will take a time of around 4 to 8 hours. You might need another procedure in the next day if you still lose your hair or you decide to get thicker hair.

Why do men want to get a hair transplant?

There are many men might not admit it that they can be a huge part of their identities and who they are. When they start to lose their hair, they might feel like the different person actually. As mentioned before that this thing will drain their confidence and, in many cases, can cause the mental health issues, including of depression and anxiety as well.

The undergoing of the hair transplant treatment can help them to keep or even reverse their confidence, which is finally can give dramatic effect on their whole lives as well, come from the personal relationship to their performance in the worksite. Men can choose to get a hair transplant as their immediate decision.

So, a hair transplant can give you benefit effects related to your confidence and strengthen your identity at the same time.

Anyone is also eligible to get the hair transplant; however, most hair transplant experts were unwilling to do this procedure for those under 25 years old.

What Do You Know About Hair Transplantation?

In short sentences:

Men hair transplant surgery in Turkey
Men Hair Transplantation

1- You might need more than just one treatment.

While your hair transplant doctor usually wants to do anything at once in order to minimize the scarring, it helps the growth of your transplanted hair of there are several procedures were taken.

You should now that you cannot make your body to deliver extra blood in your head skin in order to provide nutrients for the hair growth that can lead the growth of newly transplanted hair, this is the last thing that you might expect.

2- Transplanted hair can be treated like normal hair.

There are many people who worried that they might unable to treat their hair properly, even they feel afraid if they might damage or even lose it. Good news, your transplanted hair can be treated as same as your normal hair.

After being transplanted and you have followed all of the aftercare instruction then you are set to treat your new transplanted hair in the same way as your normal hair.

3- Your transplanted hair is permanent.

Your transplanted hair is permanent treatment. When it comes to determining whether it is the right treatment for you then you should remember this. If you are looking for the hair restoration, then it’s also necessary to remind that hair transplant is the permanent solution because this procedure takes a big part of your decision.

4- Consult with your doctor for the best advice.

Therefore, finding a good clinic is so important and this is can be your tough decision as well. There are many things when you choose hair transplant clinic from checking out their past work as well. You can check their offering treatments and consultation process as well.

For recommendation, then you can consider the Beauty Hair Clinic that offers you with proper treatment and consultation as Hair transplant in Turkey for men.

Final Important Fact About Men Hair Transplant

You should know that hair loss was the natural part of your life and it can occur for some reasons – affecting the type of treatments that you need. Some people believe that the instant hair loss means that they need a hair transplant, the finding a clinic that also offers you with no obligation consultation before you get treatment also allows you to find out what causes of your hair loss and finding the right treatment for you.

There are so many treatments that help with different stages and causes of hair loss. So, this is always important to find the good clinic that offers the best hair transplant in Turkey for men like the Beauty Hair Clinic in Istanbul.