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Hair Transplant For Women

Hair transplant in Turkey for women is one of the treatments looking for by many people even in the world. Yes, this country provides aesthetic clinics with high quality and satisfying results. One of them is Beauty Hair Transplant Center in Istanbul. Beauty Center is better known for cosmetic plastic surgery. But recently, women hair transplant becomes one of the treatments with many enthusiasts. So, are you one of them who are interested in it?

Before undergoing the treatment, it is better if you know what hair transplantation is along with the benefits. Hair transplant is an operation to replace the hair from bushy areas to the bald ones on one single person. Although it is prioritized to use your own hair, in some cases, it is allowed for someone to find the hair transplants from the others. Of course, it with some terms and conditions required.

In general, the area of the head with the bushiest hair is on the back. Moreover, it is also relatively free from the baldness. Therefore, this area is often used as the donor.

The Purposes

Women hair transplantation in Turkey
Women Hair Transplant in Istanbul – Beauty Clinic

Of course, the main reason why people undergo this operation is to cover the baldness. It is expected to bring back the confidence and good-looking appearance anyway. However, this surgery actually cannot grow the hair but it just replaces it.

Commonly the bald people have their own “pattern of baldness”. As an example, there are cases of hair loss that are only happened on the front or middle part. But there are also some other cases when the baldness is covering entire head. This kind of baldness is when the patients are also suffered from some diseases or health problems like lupus, injury, and more.

Women Hair Transplant in Turkey Without Shaving

There are mainly two main methods applied to give natural results. Those techniques are strip technique and partial longitudinal-follicular unit transplantation. The strip technique is used for baldness caused by the genetic factor. Although this is commonly experienced by the men, in fact, there are not a few women who have this problem as well.

How can the genetic factor cause the baldness? It is due to the miniaturization of the hair’s root or follicle gradually and finally it will be clean entirely. Since it is a one-way process, this baldness is impossible to be recovered naturally even with any treatment and medication.

On the other hand, there is one more technique namely the partial longitudinal-follicular unit transplantation. This technique has another name; hair stem cell transplantation. If the strip technique is known as a conventional one, the hair stem cell technique is the more innovative one. Why? It is because this technique is able to recover the baldness from any causes, not only the genetic factor. Besides, the amount of hair transplanted tends to be more as well there is no surgery at all so that it tends to be safer.

Women Hair Transplant Procedures

Each of the technique mentioned above surely has its own restoration method. Starting from the strip technique, this one is basically a hair transplant surgery in which it requires the local anesthesia and scalpels. After your head is cleaned entirely, the part of the scalp with hair is taken using the scalpel; this is namely the donor area. Then, this area is covered using surgery stitches.

Next, the small groups of the hair are separated carefully. The transplanted area is then cleaned and there are small incisions made. The hair is placed in the incision area. In one treatment session, there are hundreds or even thousands of hair pieces are transplanted.

On the other hand, stem cell technique is considered as less “scary” than the strip one. This second method is only multiplying the stem cell, not the whole hair along with the scalp. The stem cell is the core cell that is able to generate other cells and it produces the whole organ, in this case, is the hair. The stem cell is available in all body parts and organs. For hair transplant procedure, the stem cell is found from the hair follicle.

The Benefits of Women Hair Transplant

Talking about the benefits of women hair transplant, it is clear enough for sure. The primary one is that you can enjoy the hair on the area that is previously bald. Interestingly, it looks natural so that there is no one who will realize that your hair is found from the transplant.

But in term of procedure, the stem cell is surely more beneficial. It doesn’t not only provide natural results but also there is no any wound or scar just like the strip techniques. More than that, there is more hair to be transplanted in only one session. You also will not feel painful at all since there is no any incision using the scalpels. In general, the recovery process is more by applying the stem cell technique.

The strip technique is basically a replacing hair technique. Therefore, the hair on the donor area tends to be decreased. However, it will be simply recovered since the area indeed grows much better than the recipient areas.

On the other hand, stem cell technique is all about multiplication. The stem cell is multiplied using sophisticated technology applied by the clinic. As a result, there is no part in which the hair amount is decreased. You can find there is no any difference in the donor area before and after the transplant.

The stem cell can be applied on many levels of baldness anyway. Even if there is no hair at all on your head, it is possible to make it bushy with this technique. In some cases when the baldness is extreme like the head is completely bald, the transplant can be done with a stem cell from other people. It is prioritized to use the stem cell from the close family member to avoid any problem during the transplantation process.

Beauty Hair Clinic with New Best Methods

The stem cell technique has been applied by many aesthetic clinics all around the world since it is known to be safer and with fewer side effects. Now, you can enjoy it also in Beauty Center, for men and women hair transplant in Turkey. Having a good and healthy hair is no longer a dream with this sophisticated technique. So, just find the treatment immediately.