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Lip Augmentation in Turkey

Lip Augmentation in Turkey

Lip Augmentation: Risks, How, When and Where to Do It.

What is lip augmentation?

It is a cosmetic procedure to beautify the lip appearance by adding the volume. In general, full lips tend to make someone look healthier, younger, and of course sexier. Actually, it is something relative to call someone’s lips are beautiful and not. But yes, full lips are already a trend recently so that they must look beautiful for many people

Who Needs to Undergo the Lip Augmentation?

Lip augmentation is recommended for everyone who has very thin lips or just simply makes their looks look bolder. The lips tend to be thinner due to the aging. Therefore, if you want to bring back your ideal lip shapes, this procedure can also be done.

The Methods
There are some methods to be applied for the lip augmentation procedure. Some of them are only for temporary results but some other are for the permanent ones. The methods are dermal filler injection, fat injection, lip implants, advancement vermillion surgery, and lip tightening surgery.

Commonly, the patients prefer the procedure with temporary results so that they can adapt it with current trends. For this procedure, the dermal filler injection is mostly chosen particularly using the hyaluronic acid. This substance is marketed under various brand names.

This acid injection is also really safe with fewer risks compared to any other procedure because it has been naturally contained in the human body. More than that, it is very effective to increase the lip volume for a longer time period; it is around 6 months.

The scars or bruises appeared caused by this procedure are also less than the others. Of course, you can recharge the hyaluronicacid after 6 months to keep the lip volume.

How Lip Augmentation Works?

Dermal filler injection is categorized into the outpatient procedures. You need to do the consultations at first to the cosmetic surgeon for the best and safest results. There are possibilities that you are suggested to do any other lip augmentation procedures but those are too small. Of course, it is due to the fact that dermal filler injection is the safest one.

Before undergoing the injection, a local anesthesia is smeared on your lips. If it is needed, another injection functioned as the nerve blocker is also done. The area around the mouth for filler injection is signed. Then, the syringe is used to inject the hyaluronic acid into the lips.

A similar method is also done if you choose the fat injection. The difference is that you need to stay in the hospital or the beauty clinic for a few days after the entire procedure is over. It is because the fat implant must be done in a longer time period. So, where is the fat found? It is from the patient’s body through liposuction.

After Lip Augmentation Surgery

After the process of injection is done, some ice blocks are put on the injected lip area to reduce the feeling of uncomfortable. It is also to prevent some side effects including the swelling. The healing process tends to be fast; it is only around 1-2 days. After that, you can simply see the change on your lips in which they look full with more volume.

When the lip augmentation with injection procedure needs only a few days for the recovery, it is quite different if you choose the surgery methods. Yes, the advanced vermillion and lip tightening surgeries take a longer time to recover the stitches along with the scars. Of course, it tends to be more difficult for you to do some daily activities like eating and even talking.

Still about the lip augmentation through surgery, the results given are also permanent. Unfortunately, the permanent implants are not really recommended since it may generate problems like infections and irritations. For those matters, it is clear enough why many surgeons and patients tend to choose the injections and avoid the surgery.

Risks and Complications

Although the procedures particularly the dermal filler injection is considered safe, there are still possible risks and complications. They are including bleeding, swelling, bruises, reddish on the augmentation area, and the increasing of sensitivity towards the pain. Those complications are basically temporary. After a few days, they can just be disappeared by themselves.

However, you must be aware of the complications still being there for more than 10 days. If you experience this, make sure to contact your surgeon immediately. Such complications sign the allergy reactions toward the substances injected into the lips.

More than that, there are also some other complications in relations to the results of the procedure. Here are the procedural complications often complained by the patients; asymmetric results, bumps, lip tissue reduction, scar, stiff lips, and ulceration. Some cases of those complications can be recovered after some treatments.

Unfortunately, some others just cannot. Based on those facts, it is not exaggerating if you must be really careful in choosing the clinic to undergo the lip augmentation. Therefore, not only is it about the good results but also to avoid any unexpected complications.

The Ultimate Lip Augmentation in Turkey

One of the most recommended clinics for lip augmentation procedure is Beauty Esthetic Center in Istanbul. This is a trusted clinic of plastic surgery in Turkey that offers you many aesthetic treatments and services including the lip augmentations.

This clinic hires only professional and experienced doctors, surgeons, and staff to make sure that they give the best and safest procedure for all the patients. More than that, it applies the modern and sophisticated technology with very low risks. You can consult what you want to improve your appearance including the lips.

Some augmentation procedure is offered and the consultants also educate you about the benefits and lack the each. Make sure to share also your conditions to let the surgeon give you the best treatments.

Many patients have come to Beauty Esthetic Clinic and they are really satisfied. Just see the pictures of lip augmentation before and after provided in the clinic and they are clearly different.

Interestingly, the lip augmentation cost offered by this clinic is reasonable as well as friendly. So, for lip augmentation, Beauty Esthetic Clinic is indeed the best choice.

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