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Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Surgery for Handling Baldness

Hair transplant surgery is often conducted to avoid baldness. A pattern of the baldness on men is a type of general hair fall. The bald head is able to overcome with some ways like the hair transplantation. The baldness may start at teens but it often happens to an adult man. The genetic takes a huge role in this condition. Hair transplantation often becomes a best way to avoid the baldness.

What Is a Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure to restore back the natural hair. The procedure involves a movement of the hair from the scalp and hair follicles from the dense hair area to the bald scalp. This technique is able to give a natural look on the top area of your head. In many cases, you will need some surgery steps to get the desired result.

The Purposes of the Hair Transplant Surgery

A hair transplant surgery is able to improve self – confidence and the physical appearance. It doesn’t create new hair but it only moves the hair from the other body parts to the bald area. Most of the people doing this transplantation have the baldness pattern. The hair falls in the front area or the top head area becomes a huge problem.

– You should have thick hair in the back area or in the right and left sides of the head to have good results of the surgery.

Procedures of the Hair Transplantation Surgery

One of the ways to overcome baldness is applying a hair transplant surgery. The ways are the hair from hair scalp with active growth moved and planted in a head area with thin hair area or bald area. To do transplantation, the first thing to do is cleaning your head scalp. Then, the anesthetic is injected into the scalp that will be moved. About 7 to 10 cm of the scalp path is taken with a surgical knife. After that, the scalp is sewn in order to close. The sewn area will be hidden by the hair surrounding it.

Hair Transplant Surgery Istanbul, Turkey
Hair Transplant Surgery in Turkey

The surgeon will divide the path of the scalp to be 500 to 2.000 parts. Every part contains one or some sheets of the hair. Number and types of follicle used are depending on the type, quality, and hair color. The size of the transplanted scalp is a base of transplantation determination. After the transplantation of the hair follicle is ready, the surgeon cleans and prepares a transplanted hair location. This surgery will spend 4 to 8 hours. Hair transplantation can be repeated if the baldness area gets more spacious.

A Recovery Period after a Hair Transplant Surgery

After the procedure of the hair transplantation is conducted, the scalp may feel so soft and gentle so that it needs to cover a bandage for one or two days. The patients may get a pain reducer, antibiotic, and anti-inflammation for some days. Most of the patients can work again for two to five days after the surgery.

In a range of time for two to three weeks after a hair transplant surgery, the transplanted hair will be fallen. The new hair will grow about three months later. For most of the people, 60 % of the new hair growth will be achieved after six to nine months after surgery. To increase the growth of the hair, some surgeons give a prescription of the monoxide medicine after transplantation. But, there is no a sure study to know the effectiveness of the medicine.

Side Effects of a Hair Transplant Surgery

It is similar to the other surgical procedures in which a hair transplantation is included the side effects. Those are bleeding, infection, the appearance of the scarring, and the abnormal growth of new hair. Some people even have folliculitis, an infection or inflammation on the hair follicles when new hair starts to grow. The minor side effect can be cured by antibiotic and compress.

The other complications are shock and the lost transplant hair. Fortunately, the hair fall is temporary and the hair can grow again. To minimize the risks and increase the success of the surgery, the hair transplant surgery is only allowed if the patient is really healthy. If you want to do this procedure, discuss first the side effects to your doctor. Try to consider the spent money for carrying out a hair transplantation procedure to handle baldness.

How Much Is Effective Hair Transplant Surgery?

The success and the number of the transplanted hair in the baldness area depend on a number of the hair follicles getting healthy after the transplantation surgery. You will require some surgery actions to get the desired result. A recovery process needs some months. Though a hair transplantation surgery can be a permanent treatment for hair fall, the procedures are usually expensive and need some actions of surgery. It possibly takes time up to 1 year to get the best result.

Risks on Running a Hair Transplant Surgery

If you want to carry out a hair transplant surgery, you have to concern on some risks in running it. The risks of the hair transplantation surgery generally include the death of hair follicles after the transplantation where the new hair will not grow, the natural appearance with the imperfect hair pattern, surgery, wound, and excessive bleeding.

The result of the hair transplant surgery is not as better as you want. But, if you plan it well to do hair transplantation, you need to have a better health condition. This is caused that this surgery is not safe or successful if the health condition is bad. It is caused that a surgery is possibly not safe or successful. Try to discuss the risks and choices before conducting this hair transplant surgery. You can conduct this surgery in a trusted clinic. Beauty Hair Clinic is one of the recommended clinics handling a hair transplantation. It works professionally with the support of experienced staffs and medical staffs. No reasons refuse to conduct a surgery in this esthetic clinic.