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Otoplasty – Ear Reconstructions

Otoplasty or Ear Reconstructionsin in Turkey

Procedure, Benefits, and Risk of Otoplasty Surgery

Are you looking for a clinic for otoplasty surgery in Turkey? There are many of them provided in Istanbul and some other cities. Indeed, this kind of surgery is so popular recently for many benefits particularly in term of aesthetic. The other name of otoplasty is ear reconstructions functioned to repair the shapes, positions, and proportions of the ears themselves.

Aside from them, otoplasty is also often utilized for repairing the defects occurred in the structures of ears since the patients were born. Even the permanent defects caused by injury can also be back into normal through this treatment.

How Otoplasty Works

If you are interested to undergo this procedure, make sure to go to a trusted cosmetic surgeon for the consultation session. Share all your problems whether you think your earlobes are too big, too small, or any other dissatisfactions towards the outer shapes of the ears.

Although this surgery tends to not giving any side effects to the inner hearing system, you should obey the surgeon’s suggestion if he or she rejects your request or gives you other solutions. Meanwhile, it is also better if you also go to the ear specialist for further consultations. It is to ensure that the general conditions of your ears are ready enough to pass through outer treatment series.

During the pre-surgery consultation, the surgeon examines the conditions, shapes, and sizes of your ears. The ears may be captured and then the results are submitted to the computer to be analyzed. To achieve the purposes of surgery, he or she then determines the most proper surgery method using special software.

The surgical procedure is held using local anesthesia. The incisions are made based on the patterns have been drawn before on the head and ears area. In certain conditions when the ears look too bulging outside, it is possible if the surgeon may not cut off the cartilage. The cartilage is only pulled and stitched so that the positions will not be changed.

The otoplasty takes around 2 hours and the patients can just go home when the anesthesia effect has been disappeared. There are some suggestions commonly given. It is particularly avoiding and heavy activities for the next two months.

Benefits of Ear Reconstructions

It is clear enough that otoplasty surgery enables to find types or shapes of ears that you have expected before. Interestingly, due to the utilization of sophisticated technology, the results can be really natural and satisfying. Make sure to follow all the procedure and suggestions given so that the healing process can just be done faster.

Risks and Complications

There are some risks and complications experienced by the patients after the otoplasty procedure. They are basically not dangerous at all. But make sure to go to the surgeon faster if you experience some problems below. First, it is the pulse and reddish bruises on the otoplasty area.

These conditions are still under the normal category if it has only happened hours or a few days after the procedure is done. Therefore, if this risk is for more than a week, consult this problem anyway.

Second, it is about the wound. Of course, it is actually something normal and it can be disappeared only in few days. If the wound is not yet dry for weeks, there is a big possibility for complications. Check also your conditions if the scars are too visible. Some methods can be applied to let them disappeared.

Third, although it is not common, the anesthesia products may cause allergy to the patients. The allergy can be mild so that it can just be cured by itself. But it can also be categorized as heavy with the anaphylactic shock potential. This shock potential is very risky so that the patients need to go to the emergency room.

If you have health problems like bleeding disorders, infection vulnerability, and more, it is better to tell the surgeon in the beginning so that he or she can give you any other safer options.

Healing Time

Regarding the healing time, it is again based on the conditions of patients. For normal patients without any health disorders, the healing time is relatively fast. Indeed, otoplasty is actually a kind of surgery with a relatively short healing process.

Yes, you may need only around some hours to feel the pain is gradually reduced and disappeared. Then, for total healing like the wound is getting dry and so on, it is only around a week. Many patients even need less than 4 days to see the wound is recovered.

However, although the outer earlobes may look okay and healed only in few days, it needs longer time period for the inside. It is mainly if your otoplasty procedure is also about cutting or pulling the cartilage. Although you may be able to do your daily activities, it should not be too heavy or too tiring for the next two months. It can give side effects to the areas with otoplasty anyway.

How to Choose the Best Otoplasty Clinic

There are indeed some considerations to select and choose the otoplasty clinic. Don’t be easily tempted to the cheap prices if the results are still questionable. There are at least 4 things to be owned by a good clinic.

They are the official certificate from related institutions, the good credibility and reputation of the clinic along with all surgeons and staff, the modern and safe equipment and technologies used, and positive reviews or testimonials from the previous patients.

Interestingly, there is a good choice for otoplasty in Turkey. It is Beauty Esthetic, a trusted clinic for plastic surgery in Turkey. There are some aesthetic services and treatments offered by this clinic. One of them is the otoplasty.

Beauty Esthetic Clinic is already certified to prove its credibility. Meanwhile, the doctors and staff hired are all professional and experienced for years. There are so many patients that have used the services from this clinic and they feel so satisfying. So, if you have a plan to undergo the otoplasty, just go to the Beauty Esthetic Clinic.

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