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Neck Lift – Platysmaplasty

Neck lift in Turkey - Platysmaplasty or Neck tightening

Neck lift surgery, also known as Platysmaplasty surgery, is a type of plastic surgery performed in medical centers from all around the world to improve the aesthetic appearance of the neck region. Sometimes neck-lift surgery is used to remove excess tissue as well as tightening the skin and underlying muscle tissue in the region.

Many individuals feel self-conscious about the appearance of their neck. Sometimes it can lack definition, or it can be bigger than other parts of the body. Sagging skin and tissue around the neck can lead to individuals feeling unattractive or undesirable.

Aging can lead to changes in the appearance of the neck resulting in various combinations of skin laxity, fat excess, and muscle weakness. Sagging skin often occurs in the neck, dropping off the bottom of the chin or other areas of the neck.

Another factor that leads to sagging skin of the neck region is when a massive amount of weight is lost. Also, uncontrollable factors such as genetics can negatively affect the appearance of the neck, resulting in sagging neck skin, pockets of subcutaneous fat or bands that divide the neck into unsightly horizontal sections.

When these developments occur, the cosmetic enhancement may become necessary to restore the appearance of a smooth, youthful-looking neck contour. A neck tightening surgery can correct the effects of time, gravity, smoking, or heredity by tightening your loose neck muscle and removing excess fat and skin from the neck area—making you appear thinner and younger.

Neck Lift Procedure in Turkey

Depending on your aesthetic concerns and appearance goals, Beauty Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center in Turkey specialists can recommend a specific neck lift procedure or neck tightening plan to correct common problems such as turkey wattle neck, excess fat—or excess skin around neck and jawline.

Many patients opt to undergo neck tightening in Turkey in combination with a different facial rejuvenation procedure suck as brow lift Turkey, eyelid surgery or another treatment for a heightened aesthetic experience.

A neck tightening surgery is carried out under general anesthetic and is usually performed on an outpatient basis, unless it’s done in conjunction with other, more complex plastic surgery treatments, such as facelift Turkey.

To start the neck lift procedure, your plastic surgeon places an incision in the neck region. The length, position—and pattern of the incision—will be chosen based on the patient’s unique anatomy and appearance needs.

Recovery from Necklift

Individuals who choose to undergo necklift should be prepared to take some time off work, ranging from one to two weeks. During the first 24 hours after surgery, neck lift patients should arrange to have a friend or relative accompany them on their medical trip to Turkey, as a movement will be difficult.

The first few days will be spent entirely in bed, with prescribed pain medication is taken to help ease the pain or discomfort.

Important Notes About Platysmaplasty:

  • A neck lift will remove excess skin and fat from your neck area.
  • Pain and discomfort during and after the procedure are usually minimal.
  • The procedure takes about 13 hours.
  • Recovery time is 7-14 days with full recovery in 34 weeks.
  • What can lead to an unattractive neck?

Being overweight, even by a few pounds can lead to an unattractive neck. The neck area can be too fleshy or obtuse. On the other hand, losing weight can lead to excess sagging skin in the neck area.

Other patients have a genetic predisposition for fatty tissue growth in the jaw area. Age is another factor that can lead to an unattractive neck – the skin loses its elasticity, and it begins to sag.

Neck-lift surgery can be successfully combined with the following procedures:

  • Facelift – also called rhytidectomy, it can remove signs of aging and wrinkles from the face area.
  • Chin augmentation – patients with a weak chin can benefit from this procedure.
  • Brow lift – this procedure elevates the eyebrows and makes the forehead skin look smoother.

Necklift Candidates

Neck-lift surgery is recommended for patients with one or more of the following:

  1. Excess loose skin.
  2. Double chin.
  3. Turkey wattle neck.
  4. Excess fatty tissue in the neck area.

Am I Suitable for Neck-Lift?

Platysmaplasty is not recommended for morbidly obese patients or patients suffering from heart disease, lung disease or cancer. Restrictions may also apply to patients suffering from other underlying health conditions.

Preparing for Platysmaplasty

Neck-lift procedure patients need to have realistic expectations from the procedure – this is the first preparation step for neck-lift surgery. Patients need to stop smoking at least a month before and after the procedure. Green teas, herbal teas, vitamins, and aspirin are forbidden at least two weeks before and after the procedure is performed.

How Is Neck-Lift Performed?

Platysmaplasty surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia, making it practically painless. The procedure itself lasts around 2-3 hours. The surgeon will begin by creating incisions under the ear and the chin.

Some of the excess skin is then removed Fatty tissue and muscle tissue may also be removed at this point. Different necklift surgery techniques can be applied to achieve a better result. When the desired result is achieved, the surgeon will close the incisions and the neck lift recovery period can begin.

Neck tightening Summary

Anesthesia: Local or General anesthetic.
Hospital Stay: The patient may spend one night in the hospital.
Back To Sports: Three weeks.
Duration of Operation: 2 – 3 hours.
Back To Work: Two weeks.

Neck tightening Recovery

The average neck lift recovery period lasts around two weeks. During this time, patients are required to wear a special compression garment that facilitates the healing process and limits any potential scarring from the neck lift surgery.

Patients usually return to work in around two weeks, but sports need to be avoided for at least three weeks after Platysmaplasty surgery. Smoking and alcohol consumption during the necklift recovery period is prohibited, as it can increase the risk of developing post-op complications.

Neck Tightening Risks and Complications

Neck lift surgery complications can include the following:

  • Allergic reaction to anesthesia.
  • Anesthesia-related complications.
  • Infection in the neck area.
  • Hematomas.
  • Nerve injury in the neck area.
  • Scarring.
  • Platysmaplasty surgery revision.

Neck Lift Side Effects

The side effects of Neck tightening procedure can include bruising, swelling, burning and tingling sensations. Patients will feel a tightness sensation in the neck area for a few days after the surgery. Numbness is another necklift procedure side effect. In around a week or two these post-op effects will pass.

Neck Lift Success Rates

Neck tightening surgery reviews set the average Platysmaplasty surgery success rate at around 94%.

Before And After Neck Lift

The patients will be able to notice their neck lift surgery results in around a week. Platysmaplasty procedure results in last anywhere between 5 and ten years, but patients need to take some precautions to retain their results.

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