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Rhinoplasty Surgery in Turkey

Rhinoplasty іn Turkеу - nоѕе Jоb - nоѕе rеѕhаріng surgery in Iѕtаnbul

Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, nose surgery or nose reshaping, is a surgery involving re-shaping and re-construction of the nose. It is a cosmetic reconstructive procedure which outcome is always an enhancement in the way one looks.

Nose is one of the most defining features of the face. The shape and size of a nose can Drastically change the appearance of the face. So, if you are not happy with the shape or size of your nose, or having breathing problems due to the shape of it? No need to worry anymore! Beauty Center is here to help you with nose job in Istanbul.

Rhinoplasty is preferred by not only women but also men, and it is one of the most commonly performed treatments worldwide. This procedure can be availed by anybody but not by boys who are under the age of 17 and girls who are under the age of 15.

There are different reasons to have nose surgery. It can be done for medical reasons as well as cosmetic reasons (reduce or enlarge the size of the nose, to reshape the nose, to increase or decrease the size of nares/nostrils.)

Rhinoplasty in Turkey is known as reliable, high quality and cost-effective. Therefore, a significant number of people from different parts of the world prefer having a nose surgery in Istanbul. It offers a permanent solution to patients who are not happy with the shape, size or functioning of their nose.

Rhinoplasty Cost in Turkey

Did you know that you can save up to 60% on your Rhinoplasty operation? The average price of Rhinoplasty in the UK is around 4500£ while the cost of Rhinoplasty price in Turkey is about 1900£.

The cost of Rhinoplasty in Istanbul is very low comparing with the following advantages:

  • Internationally reputable talented nose surgeons who also offer ‘ethnic Rhinoplasty.’
  • Fast recovery thanks to latest techniques.
  • No last-minute surprises and excellent patient satisfaction thanks to virtual nose job simulator.
  • Enhanced nose appearance with improved nasal breathing.
  • Nose job at top quality hospitals.
  • Accommodation and VIP transfer from the airport to the hotel, hotel to clinic and back.

This procedure is done in two techniques: closed or open technique. It is the cosmetic surgeon who will decide the technique that has to be implemented in your case. This surgery is used to bring about a lot of corrections in the defected nose, and it includes even addressing scars on the nose too. Shallow dorsum, bulky noses, and bifid tips can be altered beyond imagination with this surgery.

Why to choose Beauty Clinic for Nose Job in Turkey?

Beauty Clinic’s plastic surgeons are very well-known in nose surgery because of their talent and expertise. Choosing Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) in Turkey with Beauty Clinic will enable you to get the highest quality service with affordable costs. For its international patients, Beauty Cosmetic Center asks for profile pictures of the patient from front and side.

Rhinoplasty in Turkey Before After
Before and After Rhinoplasty in Turkey

The case manager of the patient also asks a set of questions to understand the type of nose surgery in Turkey. For example; having Rhinoplasty for the first time or second time as corrective surgery, having a problem or not in breathing all affect the type of nose job in Istanbul by Beauty Cosmetic Clinic. After the case manager collects all this information together with the picture, she or he will consult our plastic surgeons regarding the type of Rhinoplasty to be applied.

Rhinoplasty Surgery Procedure

Rhinoplasty, as mentioned earlier is a reconstructive procedure. Any loss to the nasal parts caused because of cancer, infection or injury can be reconstructed. This procedure is a day procedure and can be performed under local anesthesia. Who is a suitable candidate for nose surgery?

One or more of the following conditions may indicate that you are a good Candidate for Nose Surgery:

  • Your nose is too big for your face.
  • There is a bump on the bridge of the nose when viewed in profile.
  • The tip droops/is thickened or enlarged.
  • Your nostrils flare excessively.
  • Your nose is off-center or crooked.
  • Previous surgery has created an asymmetric appearance.

How Is the Procedure Performed?

Rhinoplasty can be performed using either an internal or external surgical approach. The internal surgery approach allows all the incisions to be hidden inside of the nostrils. Therefore, there is no evidence of any cuts or scarring showing on the outside of the nose after surgery.

The external (Open) approach to nose surgery provides the best exposure to the nose, and it is recommended when treating more difficult problems. It leaves a small scar under the nostrils. During this method, small incisions are made inside the nose, and the skin is then separated from the underlying supporting framework of bone and cartilage.

The bone and cartilage are then sculpted into the desired shape. This is sometimes supported with grafts and sutured, which are used to increase the strength of the nose and to build up of the nasal bridge using the patient’s cartilage or bone.

  • Duration of operation – 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Hospital stay – 1 night.

What to Expect Immediately After Nose Surgery:

Patients leave with a splint placed on the nose, which protects it and keeps the structure stable. This is worn for 5-8 days. Packing (or silicone tubes) may be placed inside the nose during surgery, which would be removed 1-3 days after surgery. Your face may be puffy with some bruising, often under the eyes; but this should disappear within the first week after the operation.

It is important to understand that everyone will experience different results to others that undergo this surgery and that as an individual patient, we as surgeons would work to your facial structure and aim for the most successful outcome.

How Long Will It Be Before I Can Get Back to My Normal Life?

Recovery varies from patient to patient. However, a 7-10-night stay is recommended in Turkey. Most patients can return to work after one week following this. The final results of surgery may take longer to be seen, and it may be up to 12 months before all the swelling completely disappears.

Can Nose Surgery Be Performed Without a Scar?

Scars are part of the healing process following an operation; however, by following the surgeon’s guidelines in time, the scars will fade and become barely visible.

For more questions about Rhinoplasty Surgery in Turkey feel free to contact us…

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